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Weather Policy



Games are generally not cancelled but if you are wondering, please contact your teams Head Coach.  Please do not assume that GAMES are cancelled because the weather is bad

If you are wondering about the weather and if practice is cancelled or will be, there are many easy ways to find out. 

Please keep in mind that most of the time if it is raining or the weather is calling for rain during practice times, the cancellation of the practice is up to the discretion of the teams Coaches.  Sometimes, in the case of more severe weather, Forsyth County Parks & Rec (FCPR) will cancel all outdoor activities for that evening and/or close all fields.  Since we practice on Turf/Football fields they drain very well and even if it rained all day generally practice will go forward as long as FCPR did not cancel activities or close the fields.

Please try to keep an eye on your email, if the weather is iffy, the day of practice.  Email is generally the easiest way for your Coach to contact his whole team.

If you are not sure:

1.  The easiest way is to text the Denmark Administrator at 678.592.7938.

2.  Click on the Status Me tab under this tab.  The User Name  to be entered is DENMARKDANES.  The password is Danes1234.  Status Me is updated for that current day by FCPR.

3.  Go to and register for your own account.  You can have the FCPR field status report emailed or texted to you. 

4.  Call FCPR at 770.886.2851.  Hit #1 for the status of Youth Athletics.